Friday, June 8, 2012

I subscribe to the daily paper on weekends only.  
It didn't come this morning.
I was a bit upset.
Normally it doesn't bother me.
Well, at 6 o'clock
this evening I was reading the obits and such online and came across this article
sad to say
he was raised by two of the most honest people I know,
and he was one of my favorite little boys!

Here's to you, BEV!
I do love Dr. Pepper.  I just can't drink it too often or my kidneys kick me.
My mom used to drink it when she was ironing.  None of us kids liked it, so she knew that she could have something to enjoy all to herself!  Back then the bottles were green and showed a circle with 10 . 2 . 4. .
When we moved to St. G you couldn't find it (or any ingredients to fix Mexican food - my golly, we were so behind the times), and when my in-laws came to visit from Texas they brought a few cases with them!

I wear lots of hats figuratively - but not too often literally.
I wore hats a bit when I was a very young woman.  My first husband quite liked buying them for me.  I did look pretty snazzy in them.    I had a black velvet on that I especially liked, and a red one that was really classy.  Sorry, no pics.
The hat on the left was given to me by my oldest sister - I added the scarf.  I love it because she gave it to me!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

 BUT i REALLY like

Monday, June 4, 2012

Now that's a close up!
Subject in mirror appears larger

than subject likes to believe!
Please, no close ups for me ~ I don't even like far aways!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

What's on my PLATE?
I'm sure we all have full plates with kids, grand kids,  some of us - husbands, keeping up a home, a job outside the home, church callings, serving neighbors, volunteering, running errands, trying to keep in shape (round is a shape), or get in shape, and on and on and on!  Well here's to FULL PLATES!  That means were doing what we are meant to be doing!
My plate tonight was literally FULL of yummy goodness...


Saturday, June 2, 2012

This is the gas gauge in my car this morning.
I made it to work and back to the station around the corner from my house on empty.
She is full, now.
I love my car.

Friday, June 1, 2012

My favorite time of day is morning.
I love opening the french door onto the patio 
watching the changing colors in the sky as the birds chirp - just warming up for the sweet songs to come.
There is still a little crispness in the air.  The soft fragrance of the roses floats in with a touch of the musty scent of the river. 
It is a quiet time - a time of grateful prayer and introspect.
I cherish mornings.
...that is UNTIL
I started seeing this on my drive to work.
Not every morning, mind you, but enough to make me say...
Getting up at 3:30 AM
to drive to work at 4:30 AM
to be there at 5 AM
after working 'til 10:00 PM the night before is making me older than I want to be.
And it messes with my mornings!

Patriotic songs make me cry.
I get a lump in my throat when the flag goes by.
So blessed to live in this promised land.
So much beauty...
America is GRAND!

I just breathe in her beauty every day.
Blue skies and puffy white clouds.  Red sandstone mountains.
I am so thankful for this creation that splashes it's colors at me, and scents the air with fragrant blooms. It cools me with soft breezes, and tickles my toes with textures of freshly mowed grass, or cool sand, or slick rocks.  It refreshes me with gentle rain and trickling streams.  It stirs my passion with thunder and lightning.
Sunlight and shadow, winter and summer, spring and fall... all these contrasts humble me and fill my soul with gratefulness for the Creator of all this

Thursday, May 31, 2012

My personality, as any of you that know me can attest, 
I've become filled with enlightenment, though, over the years by my many varied experiences!
I have new employment, now, and have been absent from the blogging world as I have tried to adjust.
I will attempt to catch up.
But, true to another facet of my personality, I will do that backwards!

A number that I started out with, but certainly hope changes someday.  You, know, because of the eternal perspective.

The weather on Memorial day was delightful!
we had just gotten through some awful windy days.  It was so pleasant sitting on the patio in the early evening after a great grilled hamburger with family and friend.

CHOCOLATE is still my SWEET of choice!

12 O'CLOCK is just WRONG!
It is either NOON or MIDNIGHT!

"It's not unusual"  - reminds me of TOM JONES!  SIGH!  I so love to hear him sing!  Actually it is his breathing as he sings that really gets me!
"What's New Pussycat?"

Something new in my life is
my new place of business.
Leaving behind the 30+ years of Real Estate and the liability and 24/7 life to a position of reservationist for a rapidly growing company.  I can go home and leave work at work!  WHEEE!

Technology is wonderful as long as someone else figures it out for me and slowly and patiently teaches me.  I'm really good at pointing and clicking and speed dialing!

{my favorite hymn}
I know He loves me!

I can't live without YOU!

a FAVORITE place to be
is such a comfort in this hurried world.

Usually I just make a mess.  However, I love making this 
now that I learned how from my sweet sister-in-law, CAROL.  I love you!

Lately my snack of choice has been a handful of dry roast peanuts, or a piece of pepper jack cheese!

I still read the scriptures daily, and am reading a Cluff family history that my brother Jim gave to me.  I used to think we didn't have any pioneer stories, but both the Cluff and Lofgreen sides have some really fantastic ones!

I heart my friends and family!

Grass is green and green is cool.  I live in a hot place, therefore grass is WONDERFUL!

i love me mum!

Kisses from my grand daughter makes me happy
and kisses from my daughter!

I love my kitchen
in all it's messy glory!

{ok, already!  I'll do some repenting, too!}

 Every day it's primp & polish!

This is a smell I adore
and I went without it for a very long time.
Hello, Red Door!  Welcome home!

I am inspired daily by so many family and friends.
I am truly lifted and led by
these men.
Such great examples.

And here I am

One happy lady!
I'm almost caught up!  It's past midnight, but I'm not giving up!  This is like my world in 60 seconds!  But by heck and hankies, I'm gonna' get this done!

If you look at the very top of the branch, you will see a tiny bird.
Andi & I were on the patio one morning at the first of May and saw one of the tiniest humming birds that I've ever seen.  There were two of them, but I could only get this shot of one!  They were almost diving at us before they landed!  What a treat for us to have these little creatures visit our back yard!

OK, then.  By GOLLY that was FUN!