Friday, June 8, 2012

I subscribe to the daily paper on weekends only.  
It didn't come this morning.
I was a bit upset.
Normally it doesn't bother me.
Well, at 6 o'clock
this evening I was reading the obits and such online and came across this article
sad to say
he was raised by two of the most honest people I know,
and he was one of my favorite little boys!


Sassy said...

Information like that is ALWAYS such a heartbreaker.......I AM SO SORRY FOR HIS PARENTS.........Life sure does throw us some curve balls doesn't it? Thank you for commenting on so many of my posts.....I am trying to move over to the computer more often and maybe feel like I am achieving something more than bending my knee.....♥

Sassy said...

hmmmm...could of swore I have left comments on your posts recently but not seeing any of them.......oh well...thinking about you my friend!